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Post  FAAAEBS on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:04 pm

These are the rules for posting replies (not topics, those rules can be seen at the top of when posting a topic) in this forum:
1. You must not offend or criticize anyone. Make sure to be nice to people.
2. You must not give short and dull replies such as: "good game", or "This Sucks!"
3. You must not write in all caps. To emphasize a point, make the writing bold.
4. You will not post links to viruses or any other file type that may harm someone's computer.
5. You will not post links to files that do something to ones computer without their realization.
6. You will not post links to files that steal someone's personal information such as adress, credit card number, account password, etc.
7. Do not give unnecessary reputation points, or post just to become a Respected Member. If I see that you are doing either one of these, I will give you negative reputation, and will not make you a Respected Member until you post 300 good posts.
8. Do not ask to become an Administrator. You will not become one. If I see that a Moderator is being extremely helpful and responsible, I will make him an Administrator.
9. Also do not ask to become a Moderator. I will not make you one. Even if you make 8000 posts but aren't a moderator, still don't ask. I probably have a reason to not make you one.
10. Any violation of these rules might result in deletion of a post, topic, or deletion of ones account.
Extra Information:
1. If you believe you have created a good game, and wish to move the topic to the "Good Quality Games" forum, but you can't because you are not a Respected Member, PM me, and I might make you one if I think your game is good enough.
2. If you see something that is wrong, PM me, and I will remove it, and give you 5 reputation points.

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