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Post  Mr. 76 on Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:42 pm

Hello Amateur Game Publish Forum users!

My name is Mr. 76, and I have recently started making games using a program called Game Maker (which FAAAEBS seems to use as well). I came upon this forum about a week ago, but it seemed a bit deserted. Today I came back to see if was still deserted, but saw that FAAAEBS seems to have started making another game, and saw that this forum isn't deserted, nor is it abandoned in the sense of game making, which is good.

I haven't made any real games yet (I have only done the two tutorial games that come with game maker), however I am hoping to start making games soon Very Happy ! I will probably post my progress on my next game in the WiP section, however that won't be yet (I don't think I am ready). However I hope that I will like this forum, and have the games I make played by several other people besides myself Very Happy!
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Post  FAAAEBS on Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:29 pm

Hello Mr. 76 and welcome to the forum!

It's good to have another forum member, especially one that does make games! If you need any help with doing things in Game Maker you can ask me! I was thinking about making a competition here, but I will need more people that make games to actually organize one! I hope you like this forum and that you will be able to make your games famous through here.

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