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Member of the Month (June 2012) Empty Member of the Month (June 2012)

Post  FAAAEBS on Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:15 pm

Member of the Month (June 2012)
This Topic has been created to choose the member of the month. All Members that are worthy of this title will be put in the poll. There will always be 15 members maximum. Moderators and Administrators are Members too btw Very Happy !
The winner will be the one with the most votes in 7 days. You should choose the member of the month by taking in consideration the number of posts, the reputation they had this month, the games they made (This is a Big One!), if one of their games became a Good Quality Game (This is an Even Bigger One!), number of questions answered correctly, and how well they Moderated (only applies if they are Moderators or Administrators).

Oh and you can't vote for yourself! (Cheater...)

EDIT: I now realized I hadn't put Quiet on this list. But don't worry Quiet you've been added.

EDIT 2: End of voting! Here are the rankings:
1. FAAAEBS with 2 votes. This means that I am the Member of the Month for June 2012, and that I get a cool BB code to put in my signature!
2. Bloing and YolandoBeCool, because NezorARTS decided to vote on the Member with the coolest name... Rolling Eyes Anyway congratulations to both of you for becoming second and not be rewarded in anyway besides being mentioned in this post!

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Members of the Month 2012: June - FAAAEBS - July - Ruca

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